Ireland’s 32 County 8-Ball Pool Tour

Under-23 8-Ball Tour

Ireland’s 32 County 8-Ball Pool Tour are introducing a new Under-23 Open 8-Ball “HANDICAP” Pool Tour with all events taking place at the Q-Sport Academy Venue, Fintona, Co. Tyrone until the tours up and running……….. (pictured above is photo’s of the Q-Sport Academy club)

This new Under-23 Tour will be played on Sunday’s with five events taking place on the following dates listed below…..

Entry fee is £20 while under-16 boys / girls and all other under-23 ladies paying £13 for each tournament with some brief details as follows……

1. If there is 20 players or under the tournament will be played in a round robin format.

2. If there is over 20 players the tournament will be played in a straight knockout.

3. (NOTE) the format will be decided on the Friday before each tournament.

4. Players could miss out on each event if they don't PRE-ENTER on or before the Friday of each tournament.

5. All tournaments start at 11-am each Sunday.


To pre-enter a Under-23 event or if any player requires more information please contact any of the following contact details…..

TEL: 07917887147 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7917887147



Same rules as open tour will be set in place regarding playing rules, prize-money payout, dress-code etc just to mention a few which can be checked out by clicking on the 8-ball link on the left-hand-side of this website and then click on rules and fees….


Sunday 7th Mar: Under-23 Tour ------- (Event 1) ------- Q-Sport Academy

Sunday 30th May: Under-23 Tour -------(Event 2) ------- Q-Sport Academy

Sunday 4th Jul: Under-23 Tour ------------(Event 3) ------- Q-Sport Academy

Sunday 12th Sep: Under-23 Tour ---------(Event 4) ------- Q-Sport Academy

Sunday 7th Nov: Under-23 Tour -------(Event 5) ------- Q-Sport Academy

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