"OVER £1300 PRIZE-MONEY" -------- 8-Ball 5-Aside Summer Cup

Details of the 4th annual Q-Sports Academy 5-Aside Cup will be announce shortly with the event only limited to the first 8 teams which will be accepted on a first come, first served basis with over £1,300 in prize-money up for grabs for this 4th annual event.........

2009: New Street Inn (Fermanagh)
2010: Chris Beattie 8Ballers (Tyrone)
2011: Q-Sport Academy Sports Club (Tyrone)

Q-Sports Academy current 2011 champions......back LtoR: Ronnie Boyle, Denis McKenna, Paul Corrigan, Collette Hendrikson........front LtoR: Brendan McDonagh (cap) and tournament sponsor Kieran McKenna (Pizza Place Fintona).
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