2004 Irish/Scots Cup (2003)

Ireland's 9ball pool team travelled to Riley's club in Glasgow Scotland on Friday 26th ---Sunday 28th March for the second staging of the Irish / Scots cup, which has now become a annual event in both countries 9ball tournament diary.

This annual event cued of on the Friday night with a open individual flyer (race to 6) with winner breaking . Ronnie Boyle (Ireland) came through and made-it to the final only to be defeated by the inform Stevie Capaldi (Scotland). Ronnie overcame the challenges of Davy Jack (Scotland) the last years open individual winner in the last 16, then he defeated his team mate Damien Corrigan (Ireland) in the ľ finals, and then Tam Talent (Scotland) in the semi-finals. Ronnie eventually lost to Stevie Capaldi in the final 6-2.

Ireland Team

Back L to R: Michael mc Laughlin, Brendan mc Derrmott, Ronnie Boyle, Paul Bonner
Front L to R: Charles Murphy, Paddy mc Laughlin, Damien Corrigan, William Dines

On Saturday at 12noon seen the start of the team team event, "the team doubles." After this event Ireland came away on level terms at two points each.

Saturday at 3pm saw the team Singles get under way with each player playing a race to 9 racks. It wasn't a good display by the Irish lads as they went down 6-2. The last session in this annual event was the Scotch Doubles which got under way at 7pm on Saturday evening. Like the team doubles Ireland only got a draw to secure two points and leave the final result 10-6 in Scotland's favour.

Ireland Team

Over all the Irish lads was defeated 10-6 which now leaves it one each in the series after Ireland won last years encounter. This was a wonderful weekend of pool which seen the game played to a very high level by both teams. The Irish lads would like to thank the Scottish 9ball pool association for the great hospitality they give to the Irish team which was enjoyed by everyone.

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