Derry 2005 Inter-County Team Champions

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Co. Derry 2005 Champions


Group Matches Results:

Derry beat Donegal
Tyrone beat Dublin

Derry beat Sligo

Tyrone beat Donegal

Derry beat Dublin
Donegal beat Sligo

Derry beat Tyrone
Sligo beat Dublin

Donegal beat Dublin
Tyrone beat Sligo

Derry beat Tyrone

Co. Tyrone Runners-Up


Co. Donegal 3rd Place


Co. Dublin 4th Place


Co. Sligo 5th Place


Paul Strawbridge (Derry) 2005 Captain Cup winner.
The four team captains pictured before the Semi-finals LtoR:--- Paul Bonner (Donegal, runner-up),†Ronnie Boyle (Tyrone), Paul Strawbridge (Derry,Winner), and Gareth Deegan (Dublin).


Ronnie Boyle(Tyrone) 3-0 Michael Brandley (Sligo)


Paul Strawbridge (Derry) 3-0 Ronnie Boyle (Tyrone)

Paul Bonner (Donegal) 3-0 Gareth Deegan (Dublin)


Paul Strawbridge 3-1 Paul Bonner

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